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Somerset Family Medicine specializes in care for all ages. We deal with most medical problems and we would refer you to a specialist or to the emergency room if the problems requires a specialist or ER. Below is a list of some of the medical problems we see in the office. If your problem is not included, please contact us.

Clinical Services

What We Provide

  1. Comprehensive medical care for the entire family

  2. Minor surgical procedures (laceration repair, lumps, bumps, wart treatment, mole removal, etc)

  3. Aches and Pains

  4. Panic attacks

  5. Adult/child physical

  6. Pap Smear

  7. Anxiety/Depression

  8. Patient education

  9. Asthma/Emphysema

  10. Pre-op consults

  11. Cholesterol check

  12. School physical / Sport Physical

  13. Contraceptive management

  14. Seasonal allergies (hay fever) Diabetes

  15. Sexually Transmitted Disease

  16. Erection Problems

  17. Sick/urgent care visits

  18. Fatigue

  19. Skin problems

  20. Headache

  21. Smoking cessation assistance

  22. Health maintenance visits

  23. Wart and Mole removal

  24. High Blood Pressure

  25. Women’s health management

  26. Immigration Physicals